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Here we go!

Hey guys! I’m excited to be taking on the management position for World Crawl Whistler! There are some exciting new projects I will be working on in the near future. Meanwhile, if you see us on the crawl don’t forget to say hi! Forbes

MLK Invasion

How fun was Martin Luther King weekend!? We sold out the weekend, as usual.160 people on Saturday and Sunday night!!! Big up for our American friends that made it from Oregon and Washington! You guys know how to party. One image is 1000 words eh, so let’s have a look at it More pictures on […]


Hundreds of Club Crawls and I can’t get enough!!! Hosting parties, getting wild and crazy… thats what they do! Looking forward to all the new people Crawls will bring in the future! Party On!

- Tasha

We Aussies are not shy to partying! Club Crawl is a great way to meet people while your in town, have some laughs and create great memories! Not to mention I’m pretty awesome to be around too

- Hannah

Wrangling up party animals is what I do! A veteran in the game, and always there to cause some (fun) mischief! Club Crawl is amazing! Big or small groups of people you always get a large party!

- Jenise

Hey! Kallen here, Fresh meat on the crawl, and in Whistler. I am here to party and make sure that you have a good time with me ! Loving Whistler life, and the great people Club Crawl  has introduced me to!

- Kallen

Behind the lens and in front of the party! Im deadly with close pins, make sure when partying with me, you always watch your back!

- Jessica